Signals & Strengths is the debut solo project from singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist, Jay Maloney. Jay brings a fresh, roots based sound to his songwriting and performance that includes bluegrass, country, americana, rock, folk, blues, and pop influences. Contained are 11 original tracks where Jay sings and plays mandolin, guitar, electric bass, drums and keys. He is honored to be joined by several of his favorite local musicians to fill in the gaps:

Cara May Gorman - vocals
Kevin Maul - pedal steel
Scott Hopkins - banjo
Josh Greenberg - tenor saxophone
Ryan Delaney - fiddle
James Gascoyne - double bass

This album was written and recorded in 2017 in upstate New York.

It is available for download and/or streaming on Bandcamp, CD Baby, Spotify , Apple Music, Google Play, Amazon, and more.

Physical CDs are available for purchase on Bandcamp.